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At present we have four sizes/models of rental go-karts., Adult, Cadet, Baby and twin seater rental karts. The basic design of the Adult Kart was improvised from a regular Karting design and further modified to suit the Indian rental driver, to withstand heavy abuse without compromising on the handling, strength, safety or the ease of use. The cadet, baby and twin seater Karts was completely designed in house on the same lines. We use the best quality of materials that are available in India. All components of the karts are manufactured in house.


The engines that we are currently using are imported Honda GX and Indian made G series engines from 100cc to 390cc and Briggs and Stratton (Vanguard) of various engine capacities depending on the size of the kart . The G100/GX120and B&S 4HP are used for the baby and cadet Kart and the G200/GX160/200/270 and B&S 6HP, 7.5HP, 9Hp and13 HP are used for the adult Kart. The twin seater Kart uses a G 300 or the GX 270 depending on the track. We also build karts specific to the customer's requirement.
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