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About the Founders

Mr. Rajkumar and Mr. Rajendra are extremely popular in the Motorcycle racing scenario in India. They started their racing carriers in their late teens, first by helping friends tune and modify their motorcycles and cars; finally racing themselves. From then on there was no thwarting their success. They went on to dominate the sport for over a decade from the mid 80's to the late 90's.Such was their prowess that even major motor cycle manufacturers such as Yamaha and Suzuki found it almost impossible to beat them and acknowledged their talent.

They were not only top class riders, but also had the knowledge and skill to tune and develop their own motorcycles. Their recognition brought about their association with Yamaha and MRF tires, who were their primary sponsors for as long as they were racing. 

About the company

Foreseeing the potential of Go-karting in India not only as an entertainment industry but also as a fast growing sport, they decided to put their talent to good use and started the manufacture Go-karts. Thus was born Indus Engineering, a company dedicated to building quality karts under the brand name Indus Karts. The performances of the first batch of go-karts were so successful that orders started to pour in from all over the country. In a span of two and a half years the company has sold over 100 karts in a country, where go-karting is still in its infancy.

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